Saturday, January 13, 2018

Exciting Changes in the Northeast

In early 2017, a team was formed at the National level with representatives from all U.M. ARMY regions to make  recommendations on how best to reorganize the ministry in an effort to become more efficient and better poised for future growth.  These changes impact the Northeast in two ways.  First, a new position was formed entitled Business Manager that will consolidate all financial tasks under one individual.  Jennifer Vastardis will be moving from her role as the Regional Director in the Northeast to take on this position.  In addition, the Northeast Board of Directors decided to split the large territory and incorporate the Virginia conference into our jurisdiction.  As such, we have hired two part-time Regional Directors.  Gina Grubbs will be responsible for the New England, New York and Upper New York Conferences and her territory will be called:  Northeast – North.    Darlene Thomas will be responsible for the 7 remaining conferences within the southern part of the Northeast and the Virginia Conference.  This new region will be known as Northeast – MidAtlantic.  Gina and Darlene will be working closely together to ensure that all mission weeks are supported.