Monday, December 10, 2012

Online Group Registration is Now Available!

Online registrationIt is now easier than ever to register for U.M. ARMY!

In 2012 we rolled out our new online registration system. It has streamlined the amount of paperwork required by church coordinators and allows the leadership in each mission week to have immediate information about who is participating. The online information system is completely secure and confidential. However, it makes planning for the needs of groups and their individual participants much easier and pre-camp communication is quicker and more accurate.

Church coordinators also have immediate access to the individual registration information of their participants. No more chasing down paper registration forms. You can see at one glance who has submitted their registration. No more copying and mailing paperwork. If you can see it, then U.M. ARMY has the information. Plus there is a function that allows you to send messages to your entire group, just the adults, just the kids etc.

The online registration system is just one more way that U.M. ARMY continually listens and responds to the needs of our participants and our partners in mission!

Click here for detailed information on registration with the on-line system.