Monday, March 31, 2014

2014 Travel Guide Now Available

The U.M. ARMY Northeast Travel Guide has been updated for 2014 and it is now available on-line. This informative booklet is one of the most important tools you can use before and during camp. It is chock full of great “need to know” information for first time and experienced participants alike. Contained within its pages, is information on what to pack, what to wear, who’s who in camp, safety guidelines, daily schedules and work procedures.

Youth and their parents will find the Travel Guide to be a valuable reference as they prepare for their mission week. Adult participants will use the Travel Guide during their on-line training and will find it to be a great reference throughout the mission experience. All participants should read the 2014 Travel Guide for the most up to date information about U.M. ARMY.Springfield Tuesday 139

Please note that first time participants can obtain a printed version of the Travel Guide from their Church Coordinator. Click here to view the electronic version of the 2013 U.M. ARMY Travel Guide