training1Church Coordinator Training

Once your Group Registration has been received you will be contacted to set up an orientation by phone.

Adult Participant Training

All adults attending U.M. ARMY must complete the Adult Participant Training and the First Aid Training before arriving at the mission week. Once you have completed both, please take the quiz below.

2017 Adult Training

2017 First Aid Training

2017 Travel Guide


Take the Quiz!

After completing the training please print the quiz and answer the questions. Feel free to refer back to the training if you do not know an answer. Please submit your completed quiz to your church coordinator to verify you have completed the training.

2017 Quiz

First Time Adult Training

Adults who are new to U.M. ARMY in 2017 should plan to participate in one of the scheduled conference calls after they have completed the on-line training. These calls are designed to review key training points and to answer your questions prior to the mission week.  Training calls are scheduled for:

Monday, May 8th @ 7:00

Wednesday, June 14th @ 7:00

Thursday, June 22nd @ 7:00



Tool and Safety Training for ALL Participants

Tool and Safety Training should be scheduled and conducted by the Participating Church prior to arrival at the mission week. Click the link for a copy of the Tool Training Manual.


Ramp Training Slides Part 1

Ramp Training Slides Part 2

Ramp Training Slides Part 3

UM ARMY Ramp Training Manual 2014