campexp1The U.M. ARMY Camp Experience

What type of work does U.M. ARMY do?
Teams complete a variety of projects including yard work, painting, window and door repair, handrails, stairs and construction of handicap access ramps

Will I have fun in camp?
Camp is a great place to meet new friends. Each evening fun activities are planned and wonderful memories are made

campexp2What is the U.M. ARMY worship experience?
Worship at U.M. ARMY is planned with youth in mind. It is contemporary, uplifting and meaningful.

Where will I stay? What will I eat?
Participants sleep and eat at a United Methodist Church. Delicious meals are prepared by the U.M. ARMY kitchen staff. We shower at a local school or health club.

What will my clients be like?
Many participants find their relationship with their client to be the most rewarding part of U.M. ARMY. Work teams bring a lunch to share with their client each day and on “Community Celebration Dinner” those served are invited to the host church for a special dinner.