financialRAMP UP

Your generosity can change lives this summer.

At U.M. ARMY we believe that building residential access ramps is one of the most important pieces of our work. Yet we face a heart-wrenching dilemma; every year we receive more requests for ramps than we can accommodate. Ramps are huge projects requiring work team adults and support staff with good construction skills. The pre-camp work for a ramp is sometimes intense, requiring multiple visits to the site and interaction with the local building department for permits. The expense of a single ramp project is also huge running between $1500 and higher. Despite these obstacles, the Northeast Board of Directors decided in 2011 to take our ramp building ministry to a higher level by building more of them.

Our first objective is to empower and train more adults to design and help construct ramps. We have put together a Ramp Building Seminar which will be offered in two locations this spring. We will work diligently in the coming year to empower volunteers to feel confident in their skills and passionate in their mission. Watch for Ramp Training events to be posted on our training page.

Our second objective is to raise additional funds for building materials used in the construction of access ramps. Ramp Up is an opportunity for churches, small groups and individuals to partner with us in our ramp building ministry. Many churches that participate with U.M. ARMY have been generous over the years with contributions toward other camp supplies such as food and tools. This year we ask you to prayerfully consider funding a ramp building project with a donation of $1500. This would be an ideal project for your Sunday school class, mission committee, small group or as a church wide effort. Please know that every penny donated will go directly toward building materials for handicap accessibility projects. And we will share with you the story and pictures of the ramp under construction.